Sunday, 21 February 2010

A week in the life...

Well, what a whirlwind of a week it's been and not a moment of it dull.

Monday: Approached by a girl, explaining that although she was straight, recently she'd been 'curious' and she'd like to get to know me better although she understood that 'it' may not be my thing. Initially this made me giggle and my first instinct was to tell some trusted friends and get their reaction which made me laugh even more. Not one of them thought I'd consider a visit to Dykesville and the term 'cock hungry nymph' was used,not by me I might add. Perhaps I should put that on a dating profile and see what happens? Tracey McCallum- Cock Hungry Nymph. Now that would be an interesting experiment and a fabulous source of material for my blog. It hadn't occured to me before that a woman might actually look at me and find me sexually attractive. We all look at women in magazines and discuss how gorgeous they are but for me, I've never seriously thought about looking at another woman and actually fancying her never mind approaching her. That takes balls! The experience was flattering. Of course it's going to be flattering if someone else finds you attractive but another friend had asked if it freaked me out a bit and actually it didn't. Is that because I'm quite comfortable in my sexuality? Open minded? Or actually a lesbian and I just don't know it yet? It was certainly outwith my comfort zone but I took it as a compliment. I thanked the girl but explained that 'it' wasn't my thing and wished her fun times with whoever she met in the future.

Tuesday: Date with Art Guy. Comes from a wealthy family and splits his time between here and his place in London. He's a photographer but curates exhibitions of fine art and mentors up and coming photographers. He was tall and reasonably good looking, well dressed, gentlemanly and very interesting but also very, erm....wimpy I suppose is the best word to describe him. He mentioned that he'd gone to boarding school and he really didn't enjoy the experience, which implied to me that he may have been bullied and he kind of had that air about him. It's hard to put into words but although he's very successful on his career and very talented too, I get the impression he could be a needy type and that's never good. I would eat him for breakfast. When he blurted out ' I really like you' I could feel my toes curling. I haven't devised an effective 'get out clause' for dates yet and I really need to work on this. At the end of the night he asked if he could see me when he was back in Glasgow and I said 'Yeah sure' and ran off into the night.

Wednesday: Date with Teacher Guy. Born and brought up in Liverpool but studied at Glasgow and now works in Edinburgh. Mid thirties, really into music and comedy and a great laugh but when we met in the bar, he came over to greet me and he had a limp handshake and seemed awkward when I kissed him on the cheek. This surprised me as I'd expected him to be more confident. Immediately I'd made up my mind that this could never go anywhere. We had a couple of drinks and then decided to eat. I was having a really good time but it was more like being with a mate than a date and all the time I was thinking about my exit strategy and how if we split the bill then I could leave with a clear conscience. He insisted on picking up the tab, which made me feel really guilty as I knew I had no intention of ever seeing him again. So I thanked him for a lovely night, by way of another awkward kiss on the cheek and again, ran off into the night. I have received a couple of texts from him since but none asking to meet up again so now I'm confused. Does he want to see me again? Does he know I'm not interested and is happy to be mates? I'm not so sure. Men don't normally just want to be mates with girls. So why text? Time will reveal all I suspect.

Thursday: I deliberately didn't plan anything for this as I was so looking forward to the Channel 4 documentary, My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. It didn't disappoint. There was tackiness on a level I've never seen before & it was an amazing insight into another culture. There's a gypsy campsite at Saracen Cross, opposite the See Woo and I often drive by and wonder about the lives of those in the caravans behind the gates. Quite unbelieveable but most entertaining. Don't think I'm ready to jack it all in an marry into the travelling community yet though.

Friday: Work night out. Dinner ar Tony Macaroni's on Byres Road. Now, I have to admit to turning my nose up at the chosen venue as I'm not a fan of any type of chain restaurant but it was actually much nicer than I thought. The decor was lovely, the service polite and the food good. And lets not forget the stunning guy who runs the place. The girlies, including me could hardly take our eyes off him the whole night and he was a master at the 'polite but charming' host thing. It's a long time since I've checked out a waiter but he was hot. Infact, it's a long time since I've checked out any guy in Glasgow and thought he was hot. Overall, it was an entertaining night. Everyone was on good form, and despite one of the guys knocking a table full of drinks over me (thankfully I was all in black), I had a great laugh. Must arrange another visit to Tony Macaroni's.

Saturday: Met some girlfriends in Princess Square for a bit of lunch, then had a wander round the shops. Decided to take a visit to Waitrose on Byres Road on my way home to get something nice for dinner. Passed a guy and he was tall, dark and quite handsome. He smiled at me so I smiled back and carried on with my shopping. As I was paying for my goods, I noticed he was a few people in the queue behind me. Passing him on my way out we made eye contact and I smiled again. I left the store and decided that as it was such a nice night I'd just walk home. The next thing I know, Waitrose Guy has caught up with me and said 'Excuse me, I don't normally approach women in the street but I thought I would...My name's Mark, I'm not trying to stalk you but I am walking this direction, do you mind if I walk with you?' I said 'yeah sure', it was still light and there were loads of people about so I felt safe and we chatted all the way up Queen Margaret Drive. Turns out he's a writer. Mostly of poetry, which is something I know nothing much about, I do have a talent for composing limericks though, hah hah! I chose not to share that with him, he may have found it insulting. He said he'd just finished a book and was just coming back to normality as he'd been in writing mode for months. He then asked if I was some kind of therapist as I'd managed to extract a hell of a lot of information from him in a short space of time and he knew nothing about me. He then asked if he could have my number so I thought what the hell and we went our separate ways. He called last night, which I deliberately didn't answer. Always good to be a little unavailable don't you think? He left a voicemail asking if I'd like to go out for dinner this week. I haven't called him back yet, but I'm thinking I should. I'm not sure dinner is such a good idea though. Maybe a drink would be better? Based on my previous encounters with writers / creatives, it can be a bit hard going sometimes. Perhaps I'm doing him a disservice? I'll be sure to let you know how it goes.

I wonder what this week will bring?

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  1. Aggh, don't go down the whole game playing route. Call the guy back and go out or I'll never forgive you.