Monday, 5 April 2010

Long time no see....

Hey Blogettes,apologies again for the delay but these have been busy dating times. Not quite sure where to start. So probably from where I last left off...

Lawyer guy from Edinburgh, met up with him again on a Sunday night and yet again we talked about everything and nothing and nothing personal. He was so cagey about giving anything away. Now, I have been accused of this myself so I reckoned that If I saw him again then that would be the time to grill him. He was more relaxed second time round so I took that as a good sign. The next time we went out was the following Saturday night. Again, he came through to Glasgow and mentioned that he was staying with a friend, which I figured would be a good thing as it would mean he could have a couple of drinks and maybe I'd get a bit more chat out of him. I thought wrong.

It was during pre-dinner drinks that I decided once and for all that I didn't fancy him but I still had dinner to get through and was curious as to what he might reveal about himself. First of all I aksed which company he worked for and was met with some evasive answer and then I took the bull by the horns and enquired as to his recent dating history. His demeanor immediately changed and he stated that he wasn't going to discuss it. More than a little odd don't you think? He also wasn't interested in hearing about any of my dating background , which was probably just as well but the version would have been heavily edited. The meal continued with me thinking of when it would be polite to make my excuses and leave however, he suggested going to a bar for a drink afterwards. It was saturday night after all but I found the whole experience painfully dull and made my exit at 11.30, just like Cinderella, home before midnight. I gave him a peck on the cheek and jumped in the first cab that came along. Thankfully that was only a matter of seconds. He has since emailed me but another one of those chatting about nothing messages. I'm waiting for my opportunity to tell him 'thanks but no thanks'.

I also met a guy called Any for lunch last Sunday. He looked nice in his photo, ran his own company and was very much into his sports. In reality, he was so fit and lean, he looked every one of his 45 years and if he was 5ft 10", I'm a bloody supermodel. His line of questioning was direct and perhaps a little agressive and subsequently I didn't feel much like giving too much away. He said he couldn't see any obvious reason why I was single, hah hah...the cheek of it. I thought better of suggesting why he might be! He was nice enough but just not for me so when he asked me to meet up again, I was slightly taken aback and stuttered 'eh, yeah okay'....He replied 'Well if you don't want to, just say so' and I said that it would be nice to meet up again. I have no idea why those words came tumbling out my mouth. I suspect it was out of politeness but he must have read between the lines because I haven't heard from him since.

Now speaking of hearing from people...Way back in January when I began this dating quest, I had arranged to meet up with a guy after work for a drink. Long story short, he stood me up and then sent some grovelling apologetic text asking if I'd reconsider to which I told him under no circumstances and to delete my number and never contact me again. Two weeks ago he sent me an email out of the blue asking if I was having a good weekend. I read it in disbelief and blocked his email address. About an hour or so later I get a text from him saying that he'd sent me an email but I hadn't replied (I mean seriously!!) and would I like to go for a drink sometime...Can you believe it? My blood was boiling, I had steam coming out my ears and I replied 'Under no circumstances and as I asked before, delete my number and do not contact me again'...The next text came through saying 'Okay, if that's the way you feel but can I just ask why you're so definite?'. Oh my god, if I could have got my hands on him, I'd have kicked the living shit out of his spineless, egotistical body right then and there. What is with some people? What was going on in his head?

Since then, I have been on a couple more dates with 2 lovely guys. One I like very much and am waiting to hear from (as he's on holiday until the end of this week) and another who is very sweet, good looking but I don't like him as much as I like the first guy so I'm going to have to get myself out of this one without hurting his feelings. It is kind of off-putting when someone is too keen though. Will update more on this later.


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